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Founded in 2011, Beijing Huacheng Zhiyun Software Co., Ltd. (Huacheng Zhiyun) is a leading software and application integration service provider in China.The company is currently focus on the innovation and development of the operating safety segment of the civil aviation airport flight zone, and provides artificial intelligence professional scenario application solutions and value-added services to users in various industries and fields such as transportation, hydrology, forestry, communications, power and government asset management.

Huacheng Zhiyun’s headquarter is in Fengtai Science and Technology Park, Zhongguancun, Beijing. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, dual-soft certification enterprise, the council member of China Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute, and the member of Beijing Security Industry Association. In 2015, it completed the shareholding system transformation, In 2016, the new three board (stock code: 836464) was listed, and  the company was awarded the title of “2016 New Third Board Innovation Brand Value 100”.

Huacheng Zhiyun has established an ARTIFICIAL intelligence professional scene application RESEARCH and development technology and service system with computer vision technology and deep learning algorithm as the core. The company owns dozens of software Copyrights and patent technologies (invention patent ZL 2019 1 0242794.5, utility model patent ZL 2020 20 0124028.7), such as deep learning algorithm, video data analysis, image intelligent behavior analysis and management system, video surveillance integrated management platform, basic data resource application and management platform, etc. Strong integration ability of software development, application integration and solution construction.evelopment and integration applications, solution designing and other core research teams and business integration capabilities.

Huacheng Zhiyun will always be adhere to technological innovation, with artificial intelligence professional scenario application as the core, combined with Internet of Things and big data analysis technology, it will become the leading industry artificial intelligence professional scenario application solution service provider in the future.

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