Leading software and application integration service provider

The company is the leading software and application integration service providers in focus on operationg safety in subdivision of civil aviation airport airfield, and provide users with artificial intelligence professional scenario application
solutions and value-added services for many industries and fields
such as transportation, hydrology, forestry, communication, power
and government resource management.

  • AI algorithms

    Moving target recognition algorithm, special target content reidentification algorithm, multi-target tracking algorithm

  • video data

    4K Panoramic stitching
    Video data structured, semi-structured

  • Video monitoring platform

    Very large scale access

  • innovate

    Providing customized innovative solutions based on user requirements



    Industry-university-research-application cooperation

  • China science innovation institute director unit
  • Strategic cooperation with tsinghua university media big data cognitive computing research center
  • Systematic independent intellectual property rights

  • ·It has obtained one invention patent ZL 2019 1 0242794.5 and one utility model patent ZL 2020 20 0124028.7
  • ·It has obtained 110 software Copyrights
  • Details


  • 清华大学
  • 北京中科科技创新发展研究院
  • 浙江清华长三角研究院
  • 北京安全防范行业协会
  • 大华
  • 海康
  • 富盛科技
  • 中安信联
  • 智汇云舟
  • 北京银行
  • SONY
  • 中科卓视
  • 北京京航安机场工程有限公司
  • 蓝色星际
  • 凯通科技
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